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GAC accreditation 23.10.2021 09:41

The Gulftic-ICSC Halal certification body received - GCC Accreditation Center - GAC accreditation.

Accreditation was preceded by the months-long phased work of the Gulftic-ICSC Halal CB. Assessment team of GAC examined the documentation, checked the work of the certification body. The staff of the Gulftic-ICSC Halal additionally passed the necessary trainings and educational courses. GAC auditors conducted an audit of the Penzamolinvest LLC turkey slaughtering and processing plant, which is part of the Damate Group of Companies and the cattle and sheep slaughtering plant and the production of meat and semi-finished products of Optimum LLC (Ecol brand), etc. During the inspection, the auditors checked the documentation, auditing techniques, conducted a professional and religious assessment of the activities of the personnel involved to the certification.

Following the audit, the GCC Accreditation Center GAC on October 18, 2021 decided to accredit the Gulftic-ICSC Halal Joint Venture for certification of animal and poultry slaughtering, as well as meat, dairy, egg and fish products according to GSO and SMIIC standards.

GAC accreditation ensures the recognition of the Gulftic-ICSC Halal certificates in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Yemen, as well as in other states.

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