Fee Structure:

Factors taken into consideration in the calculation of Halal Certification fee for UAE/GSO

  1. Number of HACCP Plans
  2. Number of Full Time Employees
  3. Product Complexity Class
  4. Product Variety

Fee Range

Fee Range


Refusal to grant Halal certification:

Gulftic-ICSC Halal may refuse a Halal certification application or refuse to issue a document verifying compliance with the Halal requirements if:

  1. the client does not comply or fails to comply with the Halal requirements, Halal standards, or Islamic law.
  2. the client fails to comply with any of the obligations under the Halal certification agreement.


Policy for suspension, withdrawal, or reduction of the halal certification: 

The Halal certification may be suspended if:

  1. The client persistently or seriously fails to meet the Halal certification requirements.
  2. The client refuses to allow Gulftic-ICSC Halal to conduct surveillance or recertification audits.
  3. The client requests suspension of the Halal certificate.

The Halal certification may be withdrawn if:

  1. The client fails to meet any of the terms and conditions in the Halal certification agreement.
  2. The client fails to resolve any suspension issues within the defined time.
  3. The client requests withdrawal of the certificate.

The scope of Halal certification may be reduced if:

  1. The client fails to resolve any suspension issues that affect only some of the Halal certified products within the defined time.
  2. Some of the Halal certified products fail to meet the Halal requirements.
  3. The client requests a reduction in scope.


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