Meeting with the Palestinian President

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Meeting with the Palestinian President 13.02.2018 11:51

Within the framework of the official visit to Russia, the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas visited Moscow Cathedral Mosque. In September 2015 M. Abbas together with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Turkish President Recep Erdogan and Mufti Sheikh Ravil Gaynutdin participated at the opening ceremony of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque. Addressing the delegates and guests of the extended session of the Presidium of Russia Muftis Council in the conference hall of the Moscow Cathedral Mosque, Mahmoud Abbas called on the Russian Muslims to support Palestine on the Jerusalem issue.

He noted that he was making visits to various countries around the world, explaining the position of Palestine. "We visited many African, European countries, were in India and Japan and everywhere explained the danger of US policy, their position  contradicts all international resolutions and decisions stating that Jerusalem was occupied and that East Jerusalem must be the capital of Palestine," Mahmoud  Abbas said.

Mahmoud Abbas highlighted the necessity of holding a conference on Palestine, possibly in Moscow. "We do not reject the US, but we do not want the US to be the only mediator. We want the mediation to be multilateral, following from an international conference. Which can pass, for example, in Moscow or Paris, any conference, " President Abbas said.

The conference is intended to create an international mechanism capable of resolving the situation in the region. During the visit, Mahmoud Abbas also answered questions from media representatives. The farewell of the Russian Head of Muslims and the Palestinian President was warm and friendly. Sincere assurances were expressed in the continuation of friendship and cooperation.


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